Introducing 2XCELLENCE, a robo advisor subscription and portfolio construction service for the US stock market


2XCELLENCE OCTANE - Stock Recommendation Service

Daily LIVE high octane stock recommendations, building blocks for your portfolio.


2XCELLENCE PREMIUM - Portfolio Construction Service

Monthly ready-to-invest list of 20 stock recommendations analyzed by our professional team.

API ACCESS - B2B Opportunity

Access to Octane & Premium dated stock recommendations via our API. Contact us for more information.

"Welcome to the future of investing with Artificial Intelligence"

"Stock recommendations with the quality of being excellent"

Powered by AI Expert Algorithms



Growth & value stocks for maximum return and quality





 Balanced portfolio using risk based optimal allocation




Backtested active strategy +30% risk adjusted return per year




How it Works - Digital Subscription and Portfolio management

We are using the latest technology advancements to deliver stock recommendations to you with extraordinary performance. We are using a highly scalable business model with large degree of automation that will enable our team to deliver the best stock recommendations to you on a consistent basis. Invest with confidence, predictable, reliable and simple. Don't miss out on the biggest opportunity trading stocks in the new era of financial technology. The 2xcellence technology is using expert AI algorithms that outperform traditional artificial intelligence. Finding high quality trading ideas have never been easier than with 2xcellence Premium. You get access to the top stock recommendations and investment ready portfolios - in a powerful downloadable pdf format.

Invest using high quality stock recommendations, add and replace stocks in an equally weighted portfolio with your broker or trading platform. 

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2xcellence Octane

Tap the power of compounding


Tired of stock recommendations that don't deliver returns? OctaneTM is a daily stock recommendation service powered by OctaneTM investment technology focused on the US stock markets.

What you get:

  • Superior buy recommendations without portfolio- risk adjustment

  • 10+ daily stock picks from a strategy with historical annual return of +45%

What to expect:

  • If you build a portfolio based on OctaneTM with 20-30 stocks, you should see a return of +2.0 % the first month.

2xcellence Premium

Surpassing ordinary standards

2xcellence portfolio holdingsTM

2xcellenceTM is a risk-adjusted stock portfolio powered by the 2xcellenceTM investment technology and focused on the US stock markets. The portfolio is risk-adjusted to provide the optimal risk/reward ratio with monthly portfolio maintenance.

What you get:

  • A PDF with 20 strong buy recommendations and additional investment information

  • A risk/reward-optimized stock portfolio with hedged downside risk

  • Easy-to-use stock portfolio updates that requires monthly maintenance

  • Monthly e-mail alerts with a portfolio update

  • Portfolio holdings that historically outperforms the market with an annual return of +30% per year

What to expect:

  • If you build a portfolio based on 2xcellenceTM with 20-30 stocks, you should see a return of +2.0 % the first month

  • The stock picks in the 2xcellenceTM portfolio are optimized with regard to downside risk so you can invest with confidence and stay invested at all times.

About the OctaneTM and 2xcellenceTM Investment Technologies

The core investment technology is based on software algorithms with two main components:

  • A backtested value approach and identification of value stocks that match certain growth patterns. The value strategy use fundamental data to determine if a company is undervalued at the current price

  • An advanced optimization framework that select superior stocks that will outperform the market in the short-term and long-term based on value, growth, momentum as well as breakout profiles

To maintain a low risk of the overall portfolio, stock diversification is used across all securities and limited maximum position size is used together with low volatility optimization. The stock portfolios are monitored to be diversified across industries and investment strategies.

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